15 Legit Ways to Earn Money – Part 1


Whether you are a busy mom or a stay at home dad, a college student, or just want to earn some extra money, doing some extra work can help you make money from home.

A fast internet research can show many work out of home scams. They will charge you ahead of time fees and entice you to deal with them. Actually they are just cheating you out ofyour hard-earned money.

I know you need to find some legit work home jobs that are no trip-offs. I have scoured through hundreds of ways to work at home, and came up with the 50 legitimate ways (which I divided into 4 parts) to make money from home.

A few will just help make you a few money a month, but others can become powerful money makers depending upon the moment you have to commit to them.

Continue reading to learn about a few of the exciting ways to make money from home. Youmay even find something you‘ve never heard of before.

Best of luck!

Generate income online and from home.
Don’t have any covert talents? No worries! We‘ve got something for you. 

We purchased our chickens from a woman who raises chicks to cost $25/each (read on if you don’t want to raise and sell chickens).

1. Participate in surveys to earn an extra $250+ a month

Simply answer online surveys or product tests and earn money from home. You can easily make an extra $250 a month while watching T.V.

Heads up: If any survey website asks you to pay, they are most likely scams. You can easily make an extra $250 a month while watching T.V.

Take a look at some paid survey websites listed below. At all of these websites you not onlyearn some extra cash, but also get rewarded through gift vouchers, prize drawings,free products, etc. 

Survey Junkie
Inbox Dollars
American Consumer Opinion
Pinecone Research

Update: Here are some additional survey sites we‘ve added since this article was first published: PaidSurveys, YouGov, Opinion Outpost, MySurvey, Toluna, and Global Test Market.

2. Start-off a blog or online business

Online business is how I‘ve made living since 2003 and what has helped me retire early. Establish a blog and leverage it into affiliate sales or product endorsement deals. Consider topics like: 

Personal finance
Practically anything else

3. Gain a free $10 Amazon gift card

Join MyPoints and get a free $10 Amazon gift card. It‘s easy to get started:

Join MyPoints here totally free.
Shop over 1,900 top online merchants (including Amazon, Walmart, and Target)through MyPoints and earn points for your purchases.
Redeem your points to get gift cards, travel miles and also more from over 75top retail, restaurant and travel partners.

4. See movie sneak peeks, YouTube, and like videos

Do you like seeing movies / videos in your spare time? At this time, you can earn money for just watching videos including movie previews, news, celebrity videos, and all kinds of other videos.

You‘ll earn Swagbucks for watching (points that can be redeemed for gift cards or Paypal). Youcan get $5 just for signing up!

5Get cash back instantly for little stuff you‘ve readily bought

Do you love getting refunds? If they found our a retailer has dropped their price they file a price adjustment claim for you. Paribus connects to your email account and checks your receipts.

Paribus collaborates with a huge variety of merchants that you probably already patronize, including Walmart, Costco, Best buy, Target, Apple, Kohl’s, and more! If they find out a retailer has dropped their price they will file a price adjustment claim for you. Anyway it’s free to sign up.

6. Download and install these apps

A bunch of companies, including Google will pay you for installing their apps. Furthermore, you get paid for each and every month and the apps are installed on your phone.
A few of these sites include:

ShopTracker – Answer a few questions then launch the app on your device, and you‘ll earn$3.00 instantly. Keep the app on your phone to earn money each month and help companiesunderstand what people are buying online.

Nielsen Mobile Panel – From individuals that operate Nielsen TV ratings, the Nielsen mobile app rewards you for using your mobile device. Anyone can earn as much as $50 a year.

MobileXpression – Install this app and you‘ll be entitled to win prizes weekly. You get to play an instant rewards game by taking part in marketing research.

7. Sign up for free gift cards

Ebates can give you a $ 10 gift card whenever you sign up and earn your first cashback refund. It‘s great for online shoppers. Ebates is free to use.

You just visit the Ebates websites and click the button tothe store you wish to shop at. If you buy from the store Ebates gets a percentage that they split with you. It’s an easy way to save money.

8. Test websites for $30 an hour

Ever visit a website and you thought about how bad or how great it was? Now you can get paid to share your thoughts.

Simply open a websiteclick on around, and get paid. New or improved website owners compensate you to test their sites.

With User Testingyou can earn almost $ 30 for an hour.

Here‘s how it works:

You get paid $10 via PayPal for each 20-minute video you complete.
UserTesting pays you to visit apps or websites, complete a set of tasks, and record your thoughts.

When you’re trying to visit a website your screen will likely be recorded and also your voice. Their clients include Microsoft, Apple, Adobe,and other Fortune 500 companies. How would you like to have a few bucks to share your thoughts?

Take a look at ways to make quick money from home testing websites for a full list of companies that will compensate you for testing.

9. You can earn for being healthy

The health app Achievement will give you points for being really healthy and doing things such as walking, tracking your food, or taking health surveys.

You will earn points which can be redeemed for cash or Amazon Gift Cards. In every 10,000 points, you are going to earn $10 and there is no limit on your earnings.

AchieveMint connects to the fitness apps you may already be using including Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, and Healthkitl.

Anyone can earn 10 points only for signing up with AchieveMint and connecting an app.

10. Be a freelancer or freelance writer

Performing freelance job will greatly grow your income. Are you a work from home mom with an English degree or a guy who naturally can find mistakes in written text?

Trustworthy and huge sites like Upwork have thousands of employers who wish to hire for all type of tasks where you can edit or write about anything from technology to business articles. Get paid for every single article. Have a great credibility and you can turn this into a full-time job.

11. Technical freelancing

Freelancing isn’t everything about writing. You can possibly do everything from design, graphics, marketing, and web programming jobs from sites like:
Demand Media
You can pick your payment on per project basis.

12. Become a virtual assistant

Work with someone from home. Virtual assistance (VAs) may do everything from making and checking emails travel plans to handling internet research or working for their small business. High-end earners can command $50$ 100 an hour.

Several reputable sites are Upwork and Zirtual.

13. Tutoring.

you can offer tuition classes at your home and use your SAT knowledge. Decide on your schedule, if you have some important routine tasks.

Or, choose online tutoring and earn $ 20 per hour on Chegg Tutors.

14. Share your views.

Share your very honest and candid opinions for every products and services you use with
marketing study companies. These kinds of organizations can  greatly improve their products on your feedback, and you reach make $ 50, $100, or more. Have a look at 2020 Panel.

A friend doings so at his local mall. He only brings in a little side money doing the market survey, but it pays for a baby sitter and a night out from time to time.

15. Rate pizzas.

Lots of companies pay you for rating their local pizza shops. You just have to rate the place on the quality of their pizza and consider their delivery time. For this, you can get a free pizza a $5 money.

With all of these websites you certainly not only gain some extra cashalso get rewarded with gift vouchers, prize drawings, free productsetc. You get compensated for each month and the apps are set up on your phone. In case you buy from the store Ebates gets a  percentage that they divided with you. Get paid for every single article. Attain a great reputation and you can lead this into a full-time job.

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