6 Proper ways to take a deep breathe


Each day we start our morning rituals by doing first the household chores. We forget to just even take a lung exercise and to have a correct deep breathe.

“Everyone can benefit from taking the time to get grounded and present,” says Dr. Katrina Ordonez, D.C., Chiropractic Director of Chiro One Wellness Center of River North. Dr. Katrina knows it very well because she regularly leads and practices various meditation techniques and deep breathing exercises.

“We all have that monkey running around in our brains,” she says. “It’s just a matter of acknowledging it and then focusing on being in the moment.”

Almost 50% of adults are doing a chest or thoracic breathing, that contributes to different kinds of problems, like fats heartbeats and low supply of blood oxygen levels.

Proper deep breathing is good for you as a way to improve your health and full-being, as well as their outlook on life. It enables us to fight various diseases.

But the question is, are you doing it right? To help you find out, here is the list of the 3 proper ways of getting a deep breath:

1. Breathing using belly or diaphragm

We should aim for diaphragmatic or belly breathing because it results  to every deep breath goes right straight to the lungs and refills the body with oxygen. Correct deep breathing benefits both mental and physical health.

It diminishes stress, it helps perform better blood circulation, and most importantly improves confidence. Be reminded that 70–80% of the inhaling should be done by the diaphragm or belly so that your breathing is good and deep.

The diaphragm’s does have a function and that is to ”massages” your liver, intestines, and stomach, that gives a rhythmical balance to these organs.

2. Breathe using your nose

Remember the hair inside your nose? It is very important because it helps filter all the dirty that’s with the air that is about to enter our nose. Without the hair inside our nose, we are susceptible to a lung disease due to the bacteria that will enter our nose through the unfiltered air.

If you try to breathe through your mouth, the lungs receives lots of “unfiltered” air that is raw, dry, cold, and so much full of viruses and bacteria that will cause sickness to your body. So, always be kind to your lungs and do the breathing through your nose.

3. Being relax while taking a breathe

In everything you do, being relax is the best way to attain your goal. So as with the breathing. Relaxed while doing a deep breathe manifests your thoughts and feelings. If you are always in a situation with lots of tense and stress, it will surely affects your proper breathing pattern.

Being tense and nervous while breathing will lead to a lack of supply of oxygen that results your brain to become more stressed and drain.

Practice it consistently without ceasing the control of your breathing so that your body is always in “tune” and generally functions very well. In addition to this relaxed deep breathe, your overall health will rate higher.

4. Breathe with a natural rhythm

Everything around us has its natural rhythm, to mention the ocean waves, the moon, and the seasons. Your body has rhythm too, just like the rhythm of your heart is measured in EKG as well as the brain in EEG.

Do you know that hormones in our body follow our natural rhythm? Like for instance the melatonin that is released when you’re about to sleep.

If we made everything is in tune, our body works at it’s very best.

5. Do the breathing silently

If you are experiencing a cough, snoring, and even sniffling, most likely your body will be strained. With those experiences, your breathing loses its rhythm.

Even before we cough or sigh, we tend take a big breath that results to irregular breathing.

Snoring during sleep is due to partial or total obstruction or blockage of the airway that may greatly affects you silent breathing. Better find ways how to stop snoring to avoid heart problem.

Many of us breathe louder and quicker when we talk. All of these excessive noises and talking lead to improper way of breathing.

6. Deep breathing while meditating

Let’s practice meditating every day for 15-20 minutes and you will be amazed that it helps you refresh and active again.

It is the best practice to do deep breathing during your meditation before starting your day to feel the energy all day long.

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